April 7th, 2017

Tucked away in the rugged beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, fondly known as "the Porkies," is a sprawling canvas of natural wonder. Encompassing about 60,000 acres of untouched wilderness, it beckons adventurers, nature lovers, and those yearning for a peaceful retreat into nature's arms. With your Mini-T Campervan, traversing Michigan's landscapes to uncover the treasures of the Porkies isn't just a journey—it's an extraordinary exploration rich with discovery, comfort, and boundless freedom.

Why the Porkies?

The Porcupine Mountains stand out not merely as a state park but as a vibrant display of nature's masterpieces. From the verdant, dense woodlands to the expansive views over Lake Superior, each turn unfolds a marvel, narrating its own tale. The Mini-T Campervan is your reliable partner in this adventure, ensuring your essentials are within reach and granting you the liberty to explore this magnificent terrain at your leisure, always returning to a cozy haven at day's end.

The Mini-T Campervan Edge

In the environs of the Porkies, the Mini-T Campervan truly shines. Its superb fuel efficiency (24-28 MPG) makes cruising through the picturesque byways an eco-conscious and budget-friendly affair. This versatile vehicle doubles as both your transport and lodging, offering access to the park's diverse camping experiences:

Rustic Campgrounds: Engage in the quintessential camping experience, enhanced by the convenience of your home-on-wheels, ready to tackle the off-grid environment with ease.

Modern Campground at Union Bay: Experience modern camping luxuries, including electric hookups perfect for your Mini-T, all set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Superior.


Backcountry Camping: For backpackers seeking an immersive nature experience, the park's backcountry camping offers an adventurous escape, with your Mini-T serving as a safe and secure basecamp upon your return.

Trails and Sights You Can't Miss

Boasting over 90 miles of trails, the Porkies are a hiker's dream, with paths for every proficiency level each presenting its own breathtaking vistas:

The Escarpment Trail:

Distance: Varies depending on the chosen route. The main segment stretches for roughly 7.5 miles (12 km) one-way, but there are shorter out-and-back options that connect to the main trail.

Wilderness Camping: Not available directly on the Escarpment Trail itself. However, there are designated backcountry campsites scattered throughout the park that can be accessed via connecting trails.

Highlights: This trail offers some of the park's most breathtaking panoramic views, particularly from the aptly named Lake of the Clouds overlook. It's a great choice for sunrise or sunset vistas as there are often fewer obstructions on the horizon. Be sure to bring your camera!

The Big Carp River Trail:

Distance: This scenic trail is an out-and-back route totaling 9.6 miles (15.4 km).

Wilderness Camping: Yes! There are eight designated backcountry campsites located along the Big Carp River Trail, offering a truly immersive wilderness experience. Permits are required for backcountry camping, so plan ahead.

Highlights: Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of old-growth forests and follow the Big Carp River as it winds its way towards the shores of Lake Superior. This trail is known for its waterfalls, like Shining Cloud Falls, and opportunities for spotting brook trout.

The Lake Superior Trail:

Distance: The entire Lake Superior Trail stretches for an impressive 310 miles (499 km), but the portion that traverses Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is approximately 17 miles (27 km) long. It's important to note that this trail is a segment of a much larger route, so plan your entry and exit points accordingly.

Wilderness Camping: While there aren't any designated campsites directly on the State Park section of the Lake Superior Trail, there are backcountry camping options accessible by short spur trails that lead away from the main path. Permits are required.

Highlights: This trail provides stunning, close-up views of the vastness of Lake Superior and its rugged shoreline. Be prepared for potential challenges like uneven terrain and exposed sections. This trail is best for experienced hikers seeking a more adventurous experience.

Year-Round Attractions Beyond Hiking

The allure of the Porkies extends through all seasons. Winter blankets the park in a serene layer of snow, ideal for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing adventures.

Exploring the Local Scene

Journeys to nearby towns like Ontonagon and Silver City mean you're never far from local culture, dining, and conveniences. These destinations offer a taste of the local lifestyle, enriching your Mini-T Campervan trip with a blend of natural and communal discoveries.

An Unforgettable Expedition

Traveling to Michigan's Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in a Mini-T Campervan delivers an unparalleled experience of freedom, comfort, and deep connection with nature. It's a journey that transcends the destination, filled with captivating landscapes, the tranquility of nature, and memorable moments in between. This park is not just a gem of Michigan but the perfect setting for the adventures awaiting in your Mini-T Campervan. Whether it's the excitement of the trails, the calm of lakeside views, or the cozy ambiance of a starlit campfire, the Porkies and your Mini-T promise an eco-friendly, memorable adventure.

Happy Camping!

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