April 16th, 2016

Wisconsin, often celebrated for its lush landscapes and friendly Midwestern charm, offers an array of picturesque destinations that are perfect for exploring in a Mini-T Campervan. With its impressive fuel efficiency and compact design, the Mini-T Campervan is ideal for navigating both the well-known roads and the hidden byways of the Badger State. Whether you’re a fan of serene state parks, historic small towns, or vibrant local festivals, Wisconsin has something to make your campervan adventure unforgettable.

Must-Visit State Parks and Natural Attractions

Devil’s Lake State Park

Nestled in Baraboo, Devil’s Lake State Park is a must for outdoor enthusiasts. It boasts stunning 500-foot quartzite bluffs and a 360-acre lake ideal for paddling and fishing. The park’s numerous trails cater to hikers of all skill levels, and its proximity to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail makes it a prime spot for extended nature walks. Campsites are campervan-friendly, offering the basic amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Photo of Devil's Doorway Rock Formation

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

For those willing to venture north to the shores of Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands offer breathtaking sea caves, historic lighthouses, and pristine beaches. Kayaking around the islands is a popular activity when conditions permit. The nearby town of Bayfield provides quaint campgrounds with scenic views, perfect for parking your Mini-T Campervan and enjoying a night under the stars.

Photo of Devils Island

Door County

Often referred to as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” Door County features over 300 miles of shoreline, lighthouses, and charming small towns. Peninsula State Park, one of the many in the area, includes campervan-friendly sites with spectacular views of Green Bay. The region is also famous for its cherry orchards, local wineries, and vibrant arts scene.

Explore a Charming Lesser-Known Town: Mineral Point

Mineral Point, one of Wisconsin’s oldest towns, is a hidden gem worth exploring. This small community boasts a rich history tied to the lead and zinc mining industry and is noted for its beautifully preserved Cornish heritage and architecture. The town's artistic spirit is vibrant, with numerous galleries and artists’ studios open to the public. For history buffs, a visit to Pendarvis, a historic site that explores the region's Cornish history, is a must.

While in the area, campervan travelers can stay at the nearby Governor Dodge State Park, which offers extensive trails and beautiful waterfalls, or at one of the local campgrounds equipped with amenities for campervans.

Annual Events and Festivals

Cranberry Fest in Eagle River: Celebrate the state’s rich cranberry heritage with a visit to the Cranberry Fest in Eagle River, which offers arts and crafts, cranberry food sales, and a memorable berry-filled experience.

Warrens Cranberry Festival: The largest cranberry festival in the world offers a unique opportunity to tour cranberry marshes, taste local dishes, and enjoy a festive atmosphere.


Final Thoughts

Wisconsin is filled with destinations that are both spectacular and campervan-friendly, making it easy to find places that offer both adventure and relaxation. The Mini-T Campervan’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for navigating both the open road and the cozy corners of Wisconsin’s lesser-known locales. Whether it’s the natural beauty of its state parks, the historic charm of towns like Mineral Point, or the festive spirit of its local events, Wisconsin promises a rich and rewarding travel experience, no doubt. So pack up and experience it for yourself!

Happy Camping!

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