November 15th, 2022

DLM-Distribution “considers” trade-in’s towards your Mini-T Campervan

In general, we only consider accident and lien free vehicles for trades however every situation is different. Please call with information about your desired trade. Year, Make, Model, Condition, Mileage, Lien status, Accident History, Car, RV, Truck, Van, Boat etc.

 It is important to note that the value of your car will depend on a number of factors, therefore, the amount of credit you may receive towards the purchase of a Mini-T Campervan will depend on these factors.

Selling outright, or to a local dealer in your area may be your best bet to sell your vehicle, otherwise trading in a vehicle can have several benefits, including:

Convenience: Trading in a vehicle is often the most convenient way to get rid of your old car and purchase a new one. You can avoid the hassle of selling your car privately, which can involve advertising, meeting with potential buyers, negotiating, and completing paperwork. One of the biggest benefits may also be Transportation- if you are out of state and far from our facility in Lake Crystal MN, we can ship Campervans, you can fly in and drive out (we pick you up at the airport) or you can drive in a trade and drive out in a new Campervan.

Time-saving: Trading in your vehicle can save you time over selling on your own

Reduced cost: Trading in your vehicle can help reduce the cost of your new car purchase. The value of your old car can be used as a down payment or to offset the price of the new car, reducing the amount you need to have available for your new Campervan.

Tax benefits: In some jurisdictions, when you trade in a vehicle, you may only need to pay sales tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the price of the new car. This can result in significant tax savings.

Happy Camping!

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