March 9th, 2008

Ah, the noble s’more, that gooey lovechild of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. It's a concoction that can send your taste buds on a wild expedition of delight. But what if you're the sort of sly fox who prefers to lounge in the lap of luxury while others do the dirty work? You're in luck because today, we're not only revolutionizing the s'more game, but we're also dishing out some deliciously devious ways to trick—uh, I mean, persuade—your friends into becoming your personal s'more sous-chefs.

First, let's reinvent the s'more wheel:

Nutty Buddy: Ditch the regular chocolate for a peanut butter cup. You'll end up in a peanut butter wonderland faster than you can say "Where's the jelly?"

Cookie Monster's Delight: Swap the boring old graham cracker for your favorite cookie. Choose wisely. If you go with a fig newton, we need to have a chat about your life choices.

Choco-Taco Inspiration: Use a waffle cone instead of a cracker, stuff it with mini marshmallows, chocolate, and fruit, then wrap in foil and roast. It's like a s'more went on a vacation to Mexico and came back with a new vibe.

The Berry Daring: Add a few berries in your s’more. It's not one of your five-a-day, but we can pretend.

The Jalapeño Popper: A sprinkle of chili powder. It’s like Russian roulette, but the gun is a s’more and every chamber is delicious.

Now, onto the crème de la crème, or should we say the mallow de la mallow, the art of trickery—or "marshmallow diplomacy."

The Ignorant Innocent: Start by saying, "I've never made a s'more, can you show me?" Bam! Now you've got your own personal s'more tutor. They do the work, you do the eating. It's a win-win.

Flattery Will Get You S'mores: Tell them you've never seen anyone make such perfect s'mores. "Your marshmallow roasting skills are legendary!" Once their chest has puffed up enough, they'll be itching to prove it.

Sudden Illness: Develop a sudden case of marshmallow wrist, a very serious condition that prevents you from roasting your own marshmallows. "Oh, the agony! I guess I'll just have to supervise..."

S’more Olympics: Suggest a contest—who can roast the best marshmallow? Who can assemble the s’more the fastest? And guess who gets to be the judge, munching away happily?

Duty Dodge: "If you handle the s'more assembly, I'll do all the cleaning!" Who are we kidding, everyone knows marshmallow is nature's superglue—good luck with that cleanup, buddy!

So there you have it, your double-pronged guide to a) making s’mores so delicious they could seduce a sweet-toothed stranger, and b) sidestepping all the effort while you bask in the glory of marshmallow-filled luxury. Remember, with great s'more power, comes great s'more responsibility. Or something like that. Now, go forth and cause a ruckus around the campfire!

Happy Camping!

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