April 22nd, 2014

Power door locks dont work on a 2014-2018 Ford Transit Connect? - How to fix door locks.

STEP by STEP with photos : CLICK HERE

Did your door locks dont work on a 2014 through 2018 Ford Transit Connect? There could be a few reasons but if they stopped working after jump starting your vehicle the answer is simple.

When you jump start a vehicle with a vehicle with an alternator larger than 70 Amps- or even charging with a load that spikes above 70 Amps you likely blew a 70 Amp fuse which is in place by Ford to protect other circuity and components in your vehicle. In the case of the 2014-2018 Ford transit connects, one of those circuits is your power door locks protected by a 70 AMP MIDI fuse which is likely blown.

This is an easy fix if this has happened to you and it should only take 15-20 minutes to replace.

Tools needed:

  1. Flat tip screw driver
  2. 8 mm socket and wrench

Optional: Test light or multi-meter



  1. Remove battery cover (simply pulls up and off)
  2. Remove upper air filter box by disconnecting single electrical connection, pulling two clamps back by your fingers, loosen the hose clamp and pull the upper air cleaner off.
  3. Remove bottom of air cleaner housing by wiggling and working up and out. (no tools required)
  4. Identify fuse panel in front of battery then pull wire back and away from panel- this is held in by push pins. Use a screw driver and lightly pry away from cover until pins pull out. NOTE: cover does NOT need removed just pulled back far enough to access MIDI fuses
  5. Identify the 70 AMP MIDI fuse, it will be the 4th one from the left and it “should be brown”. You can test this with a multi-meter or test light if you have one on hand otherwise if your failure was after a jump start, rest assured this fuse is the most likely cause.
  6. Replace 70 AMP MIDI fuse using a 8MM socket to remove two nuts holding it in place
  7. Test door locks- they should be working now!
  8. Reinstall the fuse cover, air cleaner box and battery cover

STEP by STEP with photos : CLICK HERE

Things to remember:

  1. Circuit protection is a good thing to prevent costly repairs!
  2. This is preventable- if you are not in a bind and you have a choice- do not jump start- simply charge your battery instead of introducing high amp loads required to just start a vehicle.

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