September 20th, 2023

Your Next Chapter Begins at Siesta Hills: Minnesota's Premier Adult Lifestyle Community

Ah, Minnesota—the land of 10,000 lakes, untamed wilderness, and a growing community of active adults who've found a paradise in Siesta Hills, Mankato. If you've been searching high and low for a Homeowners Association (HOA) that's not just another rulebook, but a genuine community, then look no further than Siesta Hills. Why? Because it's the best of the best, that's why!

Siesta Hills: A Lifestyle, Not Just a Place to Live

Located in Southern Minnesota, Siesta Hills is the region's first adult lifestyle community, focusing on maintenance-free living and an active life. The expansive 85-acre site offers a variety of townhouse options and even lets you build patio or walkout homes on choice lots. What sets it apart? The HOA rules are community-generated, offering you the perfect blend of freedom and structure.

Community-Driven Rules and Governance

Finding the right HOA can be a headache. It's not just about amenities, but also rules that suit your lifestyle. Siesta Hills excels in this regard. The HOA rules are not overly restrictive; they're created by the community, for the community, ensuring a harmonious, low-to-no maintenance lifestyle.

Meet the Neighbors at The Siesta Club

The Siesta Club isn't a disco—it's better. This exclusive clubhouse lies at the heart of Siesta Hills and is designed to complement your active adult lifestyle. With indoor and outdoor heated pools, indoor golf, a full kitchen, a pub room, a fitness center, and space for community classes, the amenities are simply top-tier. It's currently under construction, scheduled to be completed early 2024, but the anticipation is through the roof!

The Neighborhood Vibe

What kind of neighborhood eagerly anticipates a new clubhouse? The kind that already enjoys regular community get-togethers. Whether you own a home or a townhome, you'll find the community is not just about the buildings; it's about the people who make it special.

A Snowbird's Paradise with a "MN-Nice" Twist

Siesta Hills is akin to those warm, welcoming snowbird destinations but sprinkled with that "MN-Nice" Minnesota is famous for. Whether you're relocating, returning to your roots, or seeking a northern home close to loved ones, Siesta Hills pulls you in. Even if you're new to the area, the vibrant community and engaging environment make it difficult to consider living anywhere else.

A Perfect Fit for the Mini-T Campervan

Why is a campervan manufacturer like DLM-Distribution talking about an HOA? The answer is simple: homes in Siesta Hills feature double garages or larger, making it a perfect fit for the Mini-T Campervan by DLM-Distribution. The Mini-T Campervan will fit in a 7-foot garage door, and the garages here are 8 feet tall (or taller), even in the townhomes! For those who love to travel or snowbird down south, the Mini-T Campervan's 24-28 MPG fuel efficiency aligns perfectly with the community's active lifestyle.

Want to Learn More?

For more details on Siesta Hills, visit their website at  "".  And if you're wondering how a Mini-T Campervan fits into the HOA parking guidelines at Siesta Hills or in your current HOA, call DLM-Distribution at 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446.

So, if you're scouting for an HOA in Minnesota that truly understands community living, Siesta Hills in Mankato should top your list. And while you're at it, consider the Mini-T Campervan—it's a lifestyle choice you won't regret.

Happy living and safe travels!

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